Female hygene shortages & heat lol something stinks.

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Thought it was spoiled fish

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George Takei

Have you ever noticed that when you walk by the women's bathroom in stores, it smells like fish and rotten mushrooms? Why do we eat that?

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Them homeless girls in tents smell so nice

I don't know how they do it..
You'd think thier tent would smell even nastier after a couple months
They never take a shower or bath they still use rags made from shirts stolen from
Goodwill Donation boxes

One girl told me she ain't as nasty as the other girls because her panties get washed daily in the McDonalds bathroom sink qnd she comes back to camp and hangs it up to dry
I did like she said and sniffed her panties

But I assume when the inside of all the restaurants were closed her panties stank horrible

I think Europe has thier restaurant bathrooms open now to help the Ukraine girls
But Europe has so many cameras and prosecute to fullest those that steal shirts from Goodwill Donation boxes

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